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So when boredom hits I hit the craft projects

The first one resulted from the need for safety in my front hallway – I have a sunken living room, and I was in constant fear of guests falling into it while trying to hang up their coats. I had an old privacy screen that I inherited from my auntie, so I removed the panels, painted it & rebuilt the panels out of wire with lots of natural stones. The only problem was trying to brace it because once the panels were removed it was a little unstable. I was pretty happy with the result – it gives a visual reminder of the drop off without actually adding a solid wall:

The next project was a “tree sculpture” that frankly only seems to appeal to me since everyone else has laughed at it. I found a fabulous old tree branch in the woods, which I polyurethaned & set into a base that I built from some cheap lumber & molding. Then I added long wire “branches” with little pearls & some “leaves” made of Sculpey clay:

This brass necklace was fun to do while watching TV in the evening…


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