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Start off by getting a screenshot of the print preview of your picture in Visio. You’ll need this to keep track of which portions you have printed (since pages must be printed one-by-one), and later for placement on the main canvas. Number each cell:

Print a screenshot of the Print Preview

Print a screenshot of the Print Preview

Test your printer to be sure that you know which side of the page gets printed on. To do this, mark an “X” on a piece of paper, and orient it in the paper tray with the “X” facing down. Print something (doesn’t matter what). Did the thing you printed come out on the X’d side of the paper? If so, then you will orient the pages you made fabric side down in the printer.

Now to print the picture. Remove all paper from the printer’s paper tray, and slide in a single sheet of the paper backed fabric into the tray, being careful to orient it as per the test above.

Open Visio to the print preview, click on a single cell, the select Print and “Current Page”:

Print a single piece of image

Print a single piece of image

Once you click ‘Print’, you may need to carefully guide the fabric through. I destroyed a couple that started to go through cock-eyed & got jammed up.

After each page is printed, write the cell number (from the print preview above) on the back of the page, and check it off on your numbered print preview (so you can kep track of what’s been printed).


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